Who We Are

CYST is a software innovation company which believes strongly in challenging conventions. Cystians are passionate people who care about solving our everyday problems using technology. Everything we do is value-centered and geared towards the redefining of the African stereotype. At CYST, our simple philosophy is to be the best at what we do; building technology relevant to local markets while complying with international standards. Through relentless passion, we enable people to empower change through our technology.


Our Innovative Product

Mazzuma: The future of online payments

After realising the difficulties faced when making online payments, we decided to create Mazzuma to solve this problem. Mazzuma is a mobile money payment system that utilizes a distributed secure infrastructure and cryptocurrency to enable seamless payments.


CYST Research Institute

Where The Future Begins

With innovation and research being at the core of our company, we setup the CYST Research Institute to engineer top-notch scientific based innovations using advanced computer technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.


Our Values


We strive to obtain the improbable. Indeed in our weakness, our faith propels to achieve the impossible.


Fuelled by our faith, we envision positive change through mental, social and economic development.


We place the good of humanity at the core of everything we do.

Contact Us

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